what are the features of a good litter box?

Here are some criterias to consider when choosing a good Litter Box:


It should be big enough that your cat can comfortably turn around in the box.

Covered vs. Uncovered 

Some studies suggest that cat don’t seem to care about this. A lot of others have a different opinion. They tell that most cats don`t like covered boxes.

Other factors

You should find a calm, noise-free place for the litter box. The location is really important. It should be located in an easily accessible place.
How many litter boxes do you need?
You should have at least one box on each level.  All cats are different in their behavior.
Some cats don’t mind sharing, while others won’t even urinate and defecate in the same box.
Avoid litter boxes that smell offensive to them.

The most important factor is that the litter box should always be CLEAN.